Purple Power

A super nutrient-packed veggie rice bowl to make you feel like a rockstar. It's she a beaut? Now that it's summer, I'm loving cooking again and using all the lovely seasonal ingredients. After awhile, some of those veggies start to pile up in the fridge, and this recipe is a great way to use a [...]

Thai Red Curry

Thai Red Curry

We're back and better than ever, baby. My apologies for not posting for the last three billion years. Taking 3 graduate courses turned out to be far more work than I had anticipated. Rookie move. But we're back now, and I have months of recipes backlogged to blog about, so great ready. My favorite thing [...]

Garam Masala Granola

My breakfast this week. Disclaimer, right off the bat. I burnt this batch. I'd never made this type of granola before, and I second guessed myself. And I didn't measure the liquids. Also, sorry for waiting a full week to post this; grad school stuff was crazy this week, and the front of one of [...]

My Cookbook Squad

My cookbook shelf I read cookbooks. Not all the time, but if it's a good one, I will read it like a regular book. It can't be that different than my dad's love of reading computer manuals, and at least I get prettier pictures. I get that not everyone uses cookbooks. Maybe you prefer to [...]